Sunday, November 29, 2009

UnThanksgiving Weekend

(This is the KenapocoMocha House in North Manchester, IN). I survived the helliday weekend without Mom. It was actually a good weekend. That's how she would have wanted it. On Thursday, we hosted the unThanksgiving celebration for the seven of us (Dad, Steve's folks, and two friends) with spaghetti, salad, Italian bread, beverages, and desserts. We surprised one of our friends with a cake, ice cream, and presents (her birthday was actually on Wednesday). So in essence, we turned the UnThanksgiving Day into a post-birthday celebration. After dinner, the parentals needed to leave for other parties. The four of us played Rock Band and then watched Star Trek. On Friday, I worked. I was tired and I experienced one technology issue after another. Otherwise, it was a calm, smooth day. I was grateful to see the clock strike six o'clock. On Saturday, Steve and I trekked up to North Manchester to visit a friend. I have not seen my friend for 17 years! We were in concert and jazz band together. We walked around the neighborhood and then enjoyed a wonderful lunch at a new place called KenapocoMocha. It's a coffee and pastry venue that opened almost two years ago. This community-owned place is located in a beautiful historical home. Soups and sandwiches are also offered there. I enjoyed a yummy vegan soup with homemade bread. There is also artwork tastefully displayed all over the walls. (Some of the displays gave me inspiration for my photography). After we enjoyed a great meal and chatted, it was time to leave. What a wonderful morning! Saturday night Steve and I attended an annual video gaming/ eating soiree. We played Rock Band and Beatles Rock Band. We must purchase the Beatles Rock Band. It's neat. Sunday, we slept in. I hosted an open house for my jewelry business. I had one person show up and we had a great time! Tonight after I post blogs, I will enjoy a quiet dinner with Steve, go for a walk, and then prepare for the week. It's going to be a good week. :)


Heather said...

I need to know where that is in Manchester, so I can drive the hour and half to go there. The name is too perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Heather-- Here is the information. It's off campus in the town. I wish this was open when we were there!:)

101 East 2nd Street
North Manchester, IN 46962
(260) 982-4705

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