Mad Dogs and Irishmen: Part One

I am stoked (appropriate word to warm up a frosty day) to be performing with my band in January 2010. Now we have a name for our band--Mad Dogs and Irishmen. My friends and family are asking me how I became a member of this unique ensemble. Instead of repeating the same (or similar) response, I thought this would be an easier forum to share this exciting(!) journey with you. So, here goes... Until recently, many people do not know that I am a musician. It's just something I don't talk about a lot until now with new gigs lined up in 2010. I started playing drums and percussion at the age of 10. I took my first lesson at 11, and took private lessons until the age of 17. I was in the youth symphony, competed in band, ensemble, and individual competitions, survived marching band, and played trapset for the Chamber Choir (The wardrobe was tricky, since I couldn't wear a dress). I took a couple of years off to attend Holy Cross College, and after a disastrous audition for the Notre Dame Marching Band (they put me on bells! BELLS! Snare was my forte). After my extreme disappointment, I stopped playing. Put the drums away. And honestly, I thought for good. I turned my focus to my academics and managed to bring my GPA high enough to transfer to a four-year college (now Holy Cross is a four-year college, which is great). When I transferred to Manchester College at the age of 20, the band director (John Beery) discovered me and asked me to try out (between you and me, I didn't want to). But I did. And I'm so glad I did. I was accepted. I ended up playing in concert band and going on tour around and out of state. And then I was part of the first ever all-female jazz rhythm section at Manchester College. And I discovered blues, jazz, and swing music. Louie Armstrong, Count Basie, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, George and Ira Gershwin, Howlin' Wolf, just to name a few... I discovered drum brushes. And I discovered that I loved jazz. And I was a jazz drummer! More to be continued in the next posting...


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