Friday, December 18, 2009

Mad Dogs and Irishmen

Tonight I spent the evening setting up a new email, blog and facebook page for our band. Bryan just booked a gig for the Box Factory this spring. I'm going to bring the digital camera tomorrow to take a mug shot of the crew and post it. (At least I gave everyone the heads-up to wear their best outfit and dress how they want to look in the photograph). Not that maintaining my own blog plus setting up the band blog plus posting to the library blog isn't enough. Perhaps I am becoming a blogaholic? Am I delving into the depths of geekdom? And do I really care? Not so much. :) If you are curious, take a peek at the Mad Dogs and Irishmen blog. It's in its infancy! So would that mean we are Mad Puppies and Irishtots? Better turn off the laptop and sleep soon so I don't trip over the bags under my eyes tomorrow.

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