Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moshi's Story

Last week, I received an email from one of my closest friends. The subject line of the email was in small caps and lower case: "stray kitty needs a home". My first thought is, oh no. Not again. Not after the Mojo the Beast fighting, biting, and peeing-on-Steve's-rare-books fiasco and the one afternoon with Katie the pup mis-adventure this year. I don't know if Java, Latte, Steve, and I can handle another disruption. Having said that, I am honored that we were one of the first families she recommended for a good home. (Yes, we are hopeless saps). So, I hesitantly wrote back. What is this all going to entail? What is the story behind this one?
So here is the story...
Last week, a tiny gray kitten, about 12 weeks old, with orange markings wandered into the yard and brightened the doorstep of a kind family who lives in a house on a country road. The family took her in temporarily. They have too many animals, so they could not possibly keep this one. Kitten is friendly and sweet-natured, so they do not want to place her in a shelter. So they called their son and daughter-in-law and they took the kitten home. The kitten got along famously with the toddler (who names the kitten Fuzzy) but not the other cat. So she asked her colleague, who is one of my best friends, if she knew of anyone who wanted a kitten. Hence the email I received last week.
I spoke with Steve and he said "we'll try". (One of the many reasons I married him. :)) So we arranged for the colleague to bring the kitten to our house to see how the other cats will react.
Well, Kitten emerges from the carrier and my thought is, oh no. She is darling. Then she hops in my lap on the couch. The colleague needed to take her home because she didn't have the kitty necessities with her. We agreed for her to bring Kitten on Friday. This colleague was sweet and did not place ANY pressure on us. She just wanted Kitten to have a nice home. (She also took Kitten to the vet to make sure she did not have Feline AIDS or Leukemia before bringing her over).
Well, Java raced up the stairs and Latte hissed but did not bite or scratch. Kitten did not react. She was just cute and meowed and wanted to cuddle. And she kneaded the air and my arm.
Uh-oh. And Kitten did not want to leave. She meowed as the colleague took her home.
Friday after work, Steve returned home with essentials for Kitten. New bowl for food and water,
a bed, and a kitten-size litter box. We placed some toys in there, too. The colleague brought her family with Kitten and they met Steve (I was still at the library).
Soon after they left, I arrived home. Earlier, I researched names. Even if we end up fostering Kitten temporarily, she needed a good name. And yes, I'm going with the coffee themes, so I conducted a Google search and looked on the Dunkin Donuts website. I wanted a unique name, so I selected a few and emailed them to Steve. I also conferred with my cat colleague, who also liked Moshi. So Moshi it is. And to honor the young lady who named her Fuzzy, this kitten shall be named Moshi F. (F is for Fuzzy). The last name is TBA.
So far, so good. We shall see. When we install the photo application on this laptop, I will post more photographs.

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