Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Cat Zoo: Beast Feast

Moshi the Beast--LCS 2010
I contemplated starting another blog about kitten and cat care. After talking with Steve, we agreed that I should keep one blog and introduce a subcategory called The Cat Zoo. He also had a great idea to blog about the kitties once a week and call it Caturday! (He read about Caturday somewhere.) So, this is my first official Cat Zoo posting. And how appropriate to add Beast Feast as a subtitle, because this is what they do... a LOT. Feeding time is quite interesting Chez Sigety. Since we have a kitten, an adult cat, and a senior feline with kidney disease, we have three different cat foods in three different bowls. Steve and I set out the food twice a day. Sometimes, if Java gives me sad eyes, Latte pats the lower cupboard (where food is stashed), and Moshi squeaks, I will set out the food a third time in-between. Yeah, I know. Sap. Softy. That's me. This is how the routine usually goes: Latte runs downstairs, rubs against our legs, and dashes to the cat cupboard (located in a lower cabinet on the right side of the kitchen.) She starts petting the cupboard and gives me a soulful look. Next appears Moshi with her snowy paws. She sits, tilts her head, and then peeps. Then Java the diva cat makes her cautious yet grandiose entrance, and meows. As a circle of gray, cream, and white fur sits in the kitchen, Steve or I will make our way to the cupboard and hand out the grub. First, the kitten chow in a red dish is handed out, so Moshi will be the most distracted. Next, a bowl of adult cat food is set down for Latte. Then, presented on a white saucer is the kidney food for Java. Now the Beast Feast commences. The girls decide that the other's bowl has better food and attempts to sample the other's food. It is not a big deal, except that each has specialized food for their health needs. So Steve or I have to redirect Moshi back to her bowl at least three times, since she runs right for Java's plate, which angers Java, hence the hissing and an occasional swipe with a paw from an irate cat to Moshi's head. Meanwhile, kitten chow is much more appetizing so as the Moshi/Java drama ensues, Latte is heading for Moshi's food. (Sigh) So we redirect the fur children and the cycle continues for the entire meal. To add to the drama, we need to give Java some wet cat food to stimulate her appetite and add some moisture to her diet. It's a special cat food prescribed by the v-e-t. I call it kitty crack, because as soon as Steve opens a bit from the pouch and places some on Java's plate, the other girls leap to her food. We comply and give a small bit to the others to keep them out of Java's food. Thank goodness this is temporary, and the cats are fine with the water situation (speaking of moisture.) We installed a small kitty fountain in addition to water bowls and all the girls enjoy it. Perhaps we should break out the Lion taming chair and whip? Most likely not, but we have considered feedings in different rooms. I compare ourselves to human sheepdogs, herding the felines to their proper spaces. It makes for an interesting post. It's feeding time soon. Wish us luck. :) (Photographs will soon follow in a new post.)

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