Friday, January 15, 2010

Cat Zoo, CD, and Dreams Matter

Members of the Cat Zoo--Latte, Moshi, and Java-SJS 2010
Right now I am in my favorite flannel pj's and bathrobe, nestled under the covers with Latte sleeping near me. The other members of the Cat Zoo (Java and Moshi) are downstairs and the pirates of FreePort (Steve's gaming group) are on a seafaring adventure downstairs. YAR!
I'm also listening to the CD that one of my bandmates burned for me so I will be prepared for tomorrow's rehearsal (last one) before next Friday's Beanery gig. This morning I painted. Today I hosted a cool collage program in libraryland. It's our Dreams Matter, Part One. We had between 10-15 people in attendance. It was great to have J. there from Artpost. I also wrote and posted a poem on our library's blog entitled "Dreams Matter." Dreams Matter "I Have a Dream." -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dreams Matter. Dreams Matter. Dreams Matter. What are your dreams? What are your thoughts? What is your vision? (dreams matter) Who do you admire? Who do you love? Who inspires you? (dreams matter) How will you start your journey? How will you take the next step? How do you want to make a difference? (dreams matter) Dreams Matter. Dreams Matter. YOU Matter. lcs. 2010 Monday Steve and I will attend the Martin Luther King, Jr., breakfast and continue parts two and three of Dreams Matter. We'll have an open mic-poetry performance and then have postcards for people to send their dreams. It should be a great day.

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