Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Cat Zoo: Moshi in Heat

Moshi in Jungle Room LCS-2010
Friday is near. It's been another interesting week. I was warned that the full moon is coming soon. I believe it. Steve visited the v-e-t again, this time with Latte. She has an upper respiratory infection and infected eyes. (*sigh*) It's been the sixth (or seventh) trip to the kitty doctor. Soon I may request to direct deposit our checks to the vet's office. A friend did give us good advice: rather than getting pet insurance, put away a certain amount of $$$ in a fund designated for the kitties. I wonder what my bank would say if we opened a new savings account called "The Cat Zoo?" ;) Another interesting aspect of the cat zoo is that Moshi was acting strangely this week. It's like Moshula the Kitten transformed into this whirring, cuddly, kitten-butt-in-the-air. Steve brought up the notion that Moshi could be in heat. And he's right. We've always had our kittens spayed before they went into heat. However, with all the cat cooties, we couldn't let Moshi have surgery until she was well and her immune system can handle it. We now have an amorous kitten snuggling up to all of us. Java and Latte are looking at her warily. It's amusing and annoying at the same time. Heartening news, though: the fur children are all almost well.

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