Thursday, January 07, 2010

An Evening at the Kitty ER

Java Relaxing--LCS/SJS 12.09
It's been a weird day and evening all together. In a way, it was a disguised blessing that I took that fall, because if I wasn't around today, we may have not noticed the extent of Java's illness. We knew she wasn't herself. In fact, Steve made an appointment to take Java to the v-e-t tomorrow evening. I noticed today how listless she was and how nauseated she was from the toxin buildup from the kidney disease. She was hardly drinking any water and her throat seemed parched. She could hardly meow. So when Steve came home tonight, we decided to take her to the kitty ER because she was dehydrated and weak. We honestly thought that this was it, Java had her run.
Well, Miss Paw (one of our pet names for her) had other ideas. After blood and urine tests, her counts were good and the vet was optimistic. (She ended up having a bladder infection and suffering from dehydration.) So after a subtaceous (sp) iv (just under the skin), Java was free to come home. Tomorrow evening Steve will take her to our v-e-t and will find out if she has to stay there for a kitty iv. :(
And Latte will be visiting the v-e-t on Saturday for her eye that she caught from Moshi. (*sigh*)I hope these kitties will be on the mend soon so we can all have a restful weekend.

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