Thursday, January 07, 2010

Librarian With a Sore Bun

Thank God for extra padding. That's all I have to say. Perhaps I will wait until the snow melts to lose those last few pounds. The staff at the clinic laughed at my librarian-and-sore-bun humor today. It made several people laugh today, actually. :) For those of you who don't know the story, I slipped on the ice Wednesday morning and landed on my left side. Hard. And of course with me, it wasn't half-assed, well-sort of half-assed, as I landed on one side. It was a dramatic fall. I was opening the trunk of my car to pull out my computer bag and both of my feet came out from under me. Hit my bum, hit my elbow (right on the funny bone), and my knee. My papers flew everywhere. Gratefully, I did not hit my head (but it was close) and no one was around to laugh, point, etc. Perhaps I will invest in snow shoes and shuffle into the front door. I do think that parking lot hates me, though. Both Greenie and I have been injured in that parking lot. Hmmn... I later had my aches checked out, though, because I was still hurting. It's always a good idea after a fall, especially on the ice, to get it checked out by a physician ASAP. From my experiences with injuries and what the doctor confirmed, adrenalin is usually increased when first injured, and pain is not as noticeable but the pain and any damage will surface later. So it's a good thing that it is winter, because there's plenty of snow outside to stuff in a Ziploc bag to affix ice. Another tip: use ice 48-72 hours, then use heat. Ice will help with the swelling. Our friend from New York suggested (facetiously, I hope) that Steve and I indulge in excessive alcohol, painkillers and then sit outside in the snow sans clothes for the pain. Thanks, but no thanks, T. I'll stick to Aleve and ice. Speaking of, I'm going to take some more Aleve and then go to sleep.

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