Friday, February 05, 2010

29 Day Giving Challenge: The First Five Days

Monday, February 1: Donations Cami's book emphasized that the gifts don't have to be big. In fact, sometimes the smallest gifts are the most important. Sunday night, I cleaned out two bags of clothes from my side of the closet and bagged them up. When you give your items to Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul, there is usually a receipt for tax-deductions. I usually document and pick one up, because you can deduct a lot of your taxes. When I dropped off the items to St. Vincent de Paul on my lunch hour, I did not get a receipt. Tuesday, February 2: Gratuity I am usually a generous tipper, but being mindful that I am making someone's day and perhaps making up for the cheapskate who does not bother to tip. I was having lunch at the Volcano, a delicious pasta restaurant on the west side of South Bend, and I gave over 20% to one of my favorite servers. (I don't do this to get anything in return, but I always get stellar service.) Wednesday, February 3: Kit-Kat Bar I went to the doctor today with respiratory infections, and as I am wating to have my scripts filled, I looked at the candy section. One of Steve's favorite candies is the Kit-Kat bar, so I purchased one for him and gave it to him. As I was thinking about him, I am grateful to have Steve in my life. Thursday, February 4: Card I sent out a belated birthday card to a friend. She is not expecting the card, so the surprise will be an added bonus. Friday, Februrary 5: Compliment I have not done this yet, but I need to call someone back. When I do so, will pay that person a very nice compliment. Thoughts I was discussing this with a colleague & friend that when one thinks of something as a gift, rather than a chore, it becomes meaningful and fun to do. I can tell already that my way of thinking is changing.

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