Sunday, February 21, 2010

29 Days: Catching Up

I haven't forgotten my 29 days of giving. I'm still doing it. As a result, magical things are happening. Cami was right. It is changing my life and uplifting my spirit. I believe I left off at Day 15. Let me see what I can remember from this week. I know I mindfully gave something every day.
Tuesday, February 16: Gave a flower to a patron.
Wednesday, February 17: Gave my volunteer a hug. I just love her!
Thursday, February 18: Bought a new stuffed rat to blog and entertain some of my blog readers. Its a very creepy looking rat. It freaked Steve out a little. (If you want to know the back story, refer to posts in 2008-2009.)
Friday, February 19: Attended dinner and supported a friend who is getting married and agreed to purchase and wear a dress (wedding #8!)
Saturday, February 20: I bought sodas and lunch for a friend.
Sunday, February 21: I'm not tellin' until later. :)
Well, off to working on bills and reports! -xo

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