Sunday, February 28, 2010

29 Gifts--Days 21 to 28

I've almost completed one cycle of the 29 days of giving. It's been a positive experience. And I would like to think it has changed me somewhat. Here's what I have done so far: Sunday, Day 21: Champagne, collage piece, and a card to my snow angels for clearing our sidewalks and driveway this winter. Monday, Day 22: Retail flower therapy. Bought more flowers for the library to adorn the desks. Tuesday, Day 23: Brought an extra protein bar to a bandmate during rehearsal. (Steve's in on this--it was his idea.) Wednesday, Day 24: Sent a card with a necklace to a friend (she attended our Beanery gig and gave me socks from Japan.:)) Thursday, Day 25: Gave flowers to patrons who looked like they were having a tough day. Friday, Day 26: Brought in fizzy water for our staff meeting and left a large tip at lunch for one of my favorite servers. Saturday, Day 27: Made a collage card and brought a photograph for a friend at dinner last night (it was an overdue present for her birthday.) Sunday, Day 28: Bought a cool photograph at ArtPost today. J is a terrific artist/photographer. And she is a friend, so it is even more meaningful. Monday, Day 29 (and March 1): I do not know yet. We shall see.

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