Friday, February 05, 2010

Happy February: 29 Gifts

Welcome to February. Admittedly, I slept through most of the first week. This is the time of year when respiratory ailments hit me. I ignore it for awhile or work through it until it knocks me off my keester. It won this round and punched hard, leaving me with a gorgeous fever blister on the right side of my mouth, as a reminder to slow down. And just in time for tomorrow night's gig at Club LaSalle. Well, that's what makeup is for. Enough commiserating. On to more important things, like books.
If you know me pretty well, I tend to be a gift-giver. It's one of the ways to express love. I just wish I had enough time and enough resources to send gifts to everyone I love all the time. In Janaury I picked up this book and visited the website I joined online and you are supposed to do this in a 29-day cycle or start over. Well, I think I kept track for 5 days and then lost count (must be the ADD.) So, February 1 was a day I actually started and kept track and will post on my blog to keep true to the idea.
29 Gifts is a great idea, a great read, and a great inspiration to me. I have so much respect for Cami Walker, the author and creator of this concept. She was striken with a horrible MS flare and she used 29 Gifts to turn her life around through positive thinking. You can order the book online, read it at your favorite library (yay libraries!), or puchase it at your favorite bookstore. Then you can refer to it, or better, you can give it to someone as one of your 29 gifts.

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