Saturday, February 20, 2010

Michiana Monologues

*Alert: this blog post contains adult content. You've been warned! :)
Tonight, Steve and I attended the 3rd Annual Michiana Monologues at IUSB. It was awesome! The Michiana Monologues, inspired by the tony award-winning Vagina Monologues, are based on stories of girls and women in the community. Women submitted their stories anonymously to the website. Stories are then chosen by an editorial staff. After the stories are submitted, there is an auditon for women to present the stories in a series of monologues. Some of the stories are somber, others are uplifting. Some women are dressed up, others are dressed casually. Everyone gave a great performance. I particularly loved the big boob haikus. Absolutely hysterical. I can totally relate to the Victoria's Secret haiku, as they do not cater to women with blessed ta-tas. (Only in recent years did they expand their bra sizes to cater to the bosomly blessed.)
Outside the theatre, tables adorned the hallway. There was a place to purchase the stories from previous and current monologues. There were also trained counselors present in case people needed to talk, due to content of some of the stories performed. I visited St. Margaret's House and purchased another beautiful scarf. The proceeds go towards the house and the programs that are offered. Something that was also cool was the silent auction. People donated goods and services and people bid on them. I donated a framed nature photograph and someone bought it! Steve and I enjoyed going to the Michiana Monologues. It was not just a performance or play, but an event. We'll attend next year.
P.S. Oh, yes, I forgot to get Steve a "Vagina Friendly" button that one of the men was wearing at the event tonight.

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Anonymous said...

On behalf of the entire production, I'm SO glad you came to see the show and THRILLED you wrote about it. Perhaps you will submit a story for 2011?

~Zorina Jerome

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