Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Night (Reprise)

"Viva Las Vegas" --Mixed Media Collage lcs.2010
It's Sunday night again. I'm at the dining room table, typing away, listening to the closing Olympic ceremonies on television to my right. Moshi the kitten is perched on the ledge of the couch, watching me type. Java is sprawled out on the floor, belly up, waiting for some attention (I just gave her a belly rub.) Latte is upstairs on the bed, lazily sleeping this winter's evening away.
It's been a bittersweet weekend--but mostly sweet. Steve hosted the bi-weekly game in the basement Friday night. There are a lot of pirates yar-ring and causing a lot of mischief in their adventures in the imaginary land of Freeport. Saturday, I slept in, caught up on emails and chats with friends online. Saturday night, I attended a band rehearsal--rough rehearsal--and then went to dinner with friends at Ciao's. Dinner with good friends made for a better evening.
Today I had coffee talk and lunch with a friend at The Chocolate Cafe and then visited friends Jake and Kay at ArtPost. That was nice. An artistic outlet is always nice. It's always a fun time and an art history lesson when I visit J & K. I finished another collage tonight while watching the tube. I haven't decided on a name for the art piece.

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