Today Steve and I enjoyed a Sunday brunch with his folks. (It was my mother-in-law's birthday.) After brunch, we visited Barnes & Noble. Steve and I then attended a play that a friend told me about. It's entitled "Denial." It's a play about a Holocaust denier who is going on trial and the lawyer, who is Jewish, who is his defense attorney. It's a very heavy but a very good play. The theatre group, founded by my friend in 2007, is called The Nickel and Dime Theater. It's based on the true community theatre concept--local actors (beginning and seasoned) from the community performing multicultural plays. I was pleased. After seeing this play, I have the desire to write plays again. I miss the theatre experience.


cyncyn said…
LoLo this is SOOOOO strange~remember what we talked about last few months ago when I was in south bend, I came up with something and this morning "I-2" said to "my-self" "this, plus what our minister spoke of today about dysfunctional families....I'm thinking "play" that karma or what??!!


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