Sunday, April 11, 2010

ArtPost Poems

Before attacking my statement of purpose (second draft) and my first draft of a CV (curriculum vitae), I wanted to share some details about my weekend. Friday night I attended a 24-hour poetry marathon at ArtPost gallery. I read my poetry at 7:30 p.m. It was a lot of fun and the audience was great! Here are two humorous poems I wanted to share with you for fun: Speedo Man and Thong Kong. These are equal-opportunity swimsuit offenders. Rated PG. Read 'em and weep. :) Speedo Man Speedo Man! Speedo Man! If he can't save me, no one can. his shiny suit, the sea guru, swimmingly sporting the color of blue. Jack-be-humble, Jack-be quick, His weenie suit makes me sick! He struts around all day long, I thank the Lord it's not a thong! Thong Kong Speedo Man isn't the number one stud for long, as he just met his competition, a woman called Thong Kong. Thong Kong is the newest sea guru, as we can all see her gluteus maximus in plain view. Is what color is the suit from behind? We cannot tell from the back, is the color mauve, blueberry, or black? Until she turns around, we will never know for the neon towel covers the show. Speedo Man isn't number one today, As long as Thong Kong gets in his way. Perhaps these will be included in the book with Jake. More weekend details soon!


Anonymous said...

Sooo, which beach inspired these poems?

Lori said...

Hi, Zorina--

Lake Michigan. My friends and I hung out on Silver Beach in the summer during the college years. :)

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