Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cat Siesta, CVs and Storms, Oh My!

Latte relaxing on the couch SJS 4/10
Java curled on the beanbag SJS 4/10
Moshi relaxing SJS 4/10
Moshi and Latte sleeping on the couch SJS/4.10
Java relaxing on the porch SJS/4.10
It's raining, it's storming, Java cat is snoring...
I wanted to sleep in today but had too much to do today. I had an appointment and working on the CV (Curriculum Vitae) for school. It's taking longer than I would like, but I want it to be perfect. (Or at least close.) It's good experience and a proverbial trip down memory lane! I was going to visit ArtPost tonight, but the storms kept me home. I only like storms when I am hiding under the couch! :) This Friday night I will be participating in a poetry marathon at ArtPost. It's a 24-hour poetry marathon and I will be doing a reading for 15 minutes. It will be a lot of fun, as I will see a lot of friends from the community!

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