Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dental Wednesday

Stop the presses! It's tweet-worthy! You will sleep much better tonight knowing I had to get a filling replaced today. I know this is the proverbial small potatoes compared to people who have had crowns or root canals. Besides braces, having several baby teeth with roots on crack pulled as a tween to add to my awkwardness with thick glasses and 1980's hair explosions, looking like the Great Pumpkin was NOT attractive and thus another lesson in humility, and having wisdom teeth pulled, I haven't had any major procedures (knock on the dentist's chair.)
It's been a long time since I have had any kind of "yuck mouth procedure." And this is a new dentist, so he hasn't had to use the needle on me yet. Until today. I arrived early. One of the staff informed me that it will be just a few minutes. I told them to "take their time. Take as long as they need." (She laughed as she knew I was getting a filling.)
I inquired if Dr. F. had too much caffeine so his drill-wielding hand wouldn't shake. I also asked him if he was up on his shots and that I haven't bitten any dentists lately. (She laughed... nervously.) I also made sure not to crack jokes right before so he wouldn't laugh and therefore shake the drill-wielding hand during the procedure. Note to self: be kind to those who wield needles or serve your food.
Something that impressed Dr. F. was the fact that I brought my iPod with me. I was able to crank up my tunes while the drill was going, so I didn't have to listen to the horrible noise. And the shot didn't hurt at all. The staff did a great job of numbing the gum beforehand. They had to replace the filling twice since they made an error the first time around. My jaw hurt and my iPod battery was on low by the time they finished, but I now have a fixed tooth.
I visit my dentist again in May for the check-up. I'll make sure the battery to my iPod is re-charged, but hopefully I won't have to use it. It might be too soon for them to see me again. :D

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