Friday, April 23, 2010

Freeport Free Association Friday: Just Like Cats

(Halloween 2009)

The kids are yarring downstairs. It's Freeport Night chez Sigety. The pirates are restless and on a mission. Role-playing for pirate booty and adventure. I may try writing science fiction and fantasy, since Steve sent me a link for spouse's programs for Gen Con 2010. Steve suggested I wear my Star Trek uniform. The idea crossed my mind but may get too much unwanted attention. Could be interesting. Could be scary. I may have to bring a squirt bottle and spritz as necessary. Just like cats. Cats usually hate baths. So do traditional vampires--and stereotypical gamers. Although the ones I associate with, including the one I married, are quite fastidious. And, I, freshly bitten and outed with the gaming bug, am fastidious as well.

Now that we have that established, I like to write dungeon crawl stories. But most dungeon crawls feature vampires or dragons. Would that be trendy or refreshing? Vampires are mythologically supposed to be evil. Now they are misunderstood or even revered. Admittedly, I jumped on the vampire fiction wagon and sank my teeth into an alternate fantasy realm. I am one of the almost-forty women who liked Twilight. And I mercilessly tortured my younger-and-sweet colleague/ staff member who is into the series as well. R., dear, I am also a Twihard. I am in the Edward camp. Jacob is cute, but I would see him sleeping on my feet and playing fetch (no offense to Team Jacob and werewolves and werewolf support groups, but whatever.)
In the back of my literary mind, vampires are supposed to be antagonists. Bram Stoker drove that stake into my proverbial frame of reference. But I have been open to change and even thought about writing about vampires who love water. Speaking of water, the rain finally stopped outside. I was going to buy more topsoil and place it on my wildflower garden. But like a Bram Stoker vampire, I shied from the rain, purchased Tabor Hill red cherry wine (uh-huh), and rushed inside to relax... and write.

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