Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bibliovino: Roundbarn Demi-Sec

I thought it would be entertaining to sample different wines and blog about them. I'll call it "Bibliovino." I like to sip, blog, read, and write. So I'll try different styles and report back to you. The first one I purchased (at the local Martin's Supermarket) is from the Round Barn Winery. Steve and I attended a wedding reception there in 2000, so we are familiar with the venue. There are actually three locations: Baroda, MI, Saugatuck, MI, and Union Pier, Michigan. (We were at the Round Barn in Baroda.) If you're interested, click here for the website. The first bottle on the blog is called Red Demi Sec: Semi Dry Red Table Wine. It's pretty tasty, smooth and has a sharp taste. I'm assuming the wine was created in 2010, since there is not a year listed on the bottle. I give this wine three out of four grapes. The price is inexpensive (under $20) but tastes yummy. For those of you who do have allergies, it does contain sulfites. Cheers!

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