Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cool Garden

I've been gardening like a madwoman for the last two days. It's part of the emergence into my second life; actually being able to maintain a cool garden. I remember when Steve and I moved into our home in June 2000, we created an amazing wildflower garden. My years working at the Centre Township Branch and the colleagues surrounding me culivated an interest for flowers.
I kept up the gardening part pretty well until about 2003, when library school and libraryland consumed my life. (Not a bad thing, but my priorities changed.)
My fabulous neighbors (well, I'm fortunate to have two great sets of neighbors on each side of me) but the neighbors who are the snow angels turned yard angels offered up their flowers because they are revamping the landscaping. So basically, I have my flower garden.
I'm looking forward to watching the flowers bloom and keeping the yard looking interesting. Since I don't envision traveling anywhere far this year, I will put my time and energy into this cool garden so when we have friends over, it will be delightful.

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