Friday, May 14, 2010

Fur Children Antics

Here is an adorable photograph of Latte and her pink tongue. She's a sweet kitty. Just at this moment, Moshi flipped a toy mouse in the air and it landed strategically in my lap. It's a pretty good trick. I have to say I am impressed! So I toss the mouse again and Moshi's off to the races, resembling more like the tiniest horse than a cat (gallop gallop gallop.) She's somewhere in the kitchen, now, probably scooting the toy mouse underneath the refrigerator where all the other lost toy mice are hiding. Latte, tired of her sister's nonsense awhile ago, retreated to the bedroom, where she is probably sleeping peacefully on the bed. Java, my muse, lies directly behind me on the sofa (I'm seated on the floor in front of the computer.) Java probably figures I'll protect her from Moshi's pounces (RAWR). Yep. A streak of fur just flashed by. Perhaps I will take Latte's cue, retreat upstairs, and read before falling asleep.

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