Monday, May 03, 2010

Midnight Monday Morning

It is 12:47 a.m.. Do I know where my bed is? I need to consider going to sleep. A lot of changes are happening; the new manager is coming over for the first day on Monday afternoon. I'm happy and supportive but it's difficult. It's a tangible first step for all of us. Of course it will be fine but change is hard. I'm also concerned about school. I'm getting stuck on my CV (curriculum vitae) so I asked Steve to peruse the document. I typed everything but he is helping me with formatting. I felt silly experiencing some anxiety and getting stuck but Steve stepped in and is assisting with the application process. This proves that every good writer needs a great editor! Anyhow, off to sleep so I can be productive tomorrow in Libraryland. Goodnight... or good morning.

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