Friday, May 07, 2010

Notes from the Motherless Society

I just watched Dave Letterman wish his 89-year-old mother a Happy Mother's Day on television and exchange I love you's. Betty White will guest host a Mother's Day special on SNL on Saturday. And there are ads splayed all over the internet, in print, on the soundwaves, and on television. Okay, I get it! Mother's Day is Sunday! Send your mother flowers, give her a hug, don't text her but call her or better yet, give her your loving messages in person! Please excuse my bitterness about the helliday. It's only the second one. I watched people being interviewed on television and one person spoke that she was going to go get a mani, a pedi, and go out to lunch with her mother. Well, isn't that nice. I remember all the times Mom and I would go shopping and then have a lively lunch or dinner. Sunday, just get here and get on with so you can stop torturing those of us sans mothers with your helliday advertisements-at least until next year. Hrumph. I'm going to turn off the tube and finish To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout also doesn't have a mother.


IS Unit Sean said...

Yeah, I don't have one either. Of course, I do get to participate in the "Mother-In-Law" part, and the kids' half of the ritual (i.e.financing), but its not really the same.

I may have a few more years of 'healing' on you, but I think that is is a wound that never heals completely; it still hurts a bit.

I'm not saying that you need to move on; you can never move past this point. It will always be there. You have to be the one that decides how much it will affect your life.

However, Mothers' Day is commercialism at its best. Really? One one day of the year should you love with all your heart? Who really does that?

Maybe what I am saying is this is like Christmas; you can take away from the it all you want.

Anonymous said...


You should hold dear the memories you do have with your mother and be thankful that you have so many. My nephews lost their father 2 and a half years ago when they were 9 and 11. They will never have the memories that you have of prom, graduation day and a wedding day. It's sad to think that they will never have their father in their lives again. So while you are not lucky that your mom is gone, you at least knew and treasured her for 35+ years. Barb Otolski

Anonymous said...

Hi, Barb-

My sympathies and my heart goes out to your nephews who lost their father. I feel that anyone who loses a parent is robbed in some way. I am thankful for the years I had with my mother.

However, you still have both of your parents, so you do not understand the journey I have been on. Please respect my grieving process.

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