Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Person Can Learn a Lot From a Homeless Kitten

Moshi is a kitten who was spunky enough to climb up someone's steps on a frosty night in December 2009. Moshi meowed at the door until a kind couple noticed and brought her inside. A long story later, someone climbed up our steps with a kitten in her arms and changed our lives. As beastly as Moshi can be with biting, clawing, and scratching (her aliases are Moshula and Moshilla) Moshi has a sensitive side. Despite the fact that both Java and Latte freaked out and acted like jealous siblings, Moshi was determined to befriend both of them. With her persistence, Moshi charmed (or perhaps wore down) both cats, and as seen in photos above, curl up together on the couch. I suppose the old adage "kill them with kindness" can work. Moshi brought her sisters' defenses down and there is now peace in the Sigety Cat Zoo. Until Beast Feast and Thundercats, that is.

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