Surviving Mother's Day

It's almost bedtime (well, not for me but Sunday's almost over) and I have officially survived the second Mother's Day Helliday season. I fared pretty well. No serious intoxication (yes, I drank my share of merlot with meals) no crying spells, and no yelling at Mother's Day flowers. (Although I am known to yell at Christmas lights and Mother's Day TV ads that were on all last week.) I visited the local garden shop to purchase Mother's Day foliage for my mother-in-law and swallowed a few lumps when I perused the rose bushes. I saw a classmate/friend who was visiting in town. Mom and I always went to the garden shop in the springtime on the weekends in May to buy flowers. I would usually plant them for her and she loved it. One year, many years ago, she told me to pick out a potted flower for her. I picked out the most expensive rosebush in the shop! Well, it was dormant for a few years and then bloomed...beautiful yellow roses. After purchasing the mother's day foliage, I rushed back home, changed into an ensemble of a black top and black skirt and only could find a pair of dark green tights in my closet (must shop soon.) Steve was referring to me as the bride of the Incredible Hulk. ;) We met up with the in-laws at a local restaurant (The Emporium.) We had a great table and Greg, who is our favorite waiter, was our server. It was a great meal...pasta penne! Afterwards, we arrived home and I rested for a half hour before we met up with friends at Hacienda for dinner. It was a lot of fun. After dinner, Steve and I visited Border's and purchased books on blogging, ebay, and web design. I believe the trick for surviving hellidays is to mix it up and stay busy.


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