Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Excursion to the Jewelry Store

I am trying to simplify my space and clear my life of excesses. (Except for books, diet coke, drums,flowers, pillows,spaghetti, and wine.) I wanted to unload some jewelry. However, there are some local shops that are questionable. It seems that every other street has an establishment that buys gold to sell. Well, I asked a friend and she told me about an article in the South Bend Tribune about selling gold and diamonds. M. David Diamond Designs came up as giving a generous amount for the gold and diamonds. I then cross-referenced this store and checked out the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and they have an A rating. I sent an email and received one back immediately. Eureka! (That is an interjection in grammarland.) As an aside, I am sure there are other local establishments that are valid and serve customers well. After doing research, this store was the best for me. This afternoon, I visited the establishment to sell a few items. Laura, the person whom I corresponded with online, greeted me right away. She measured my items (my high school class ring and a couple of gold bracelets) and could tell right away that one of my bracelets was gold plated, not real gold. So she weighed the items, gave me a price, I accepted and came home with more cash and less gold. Lovely venue, great service. This was also the right choice for me because I spoke with the owner and he gives the customer the choice of taking the diamonds back if he can get them out of the gold. A lot of places keep the diamonds with the gold. Plus, buying gold is his sideline business rather than his full-time business, so he can pay more. Overall, this was a positive experience.

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