Monday, June 14, 2010

Floral Monday Free Writing

It's Monday and the sun is now shining! I brought flowers to my class today. (I promise, I'm not bribing students to write nice evaluations about me.) Actually, I found an interesting way to combine the five senses with grammar. Today we discussed adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections! Wow! That's a lot! Well, we spoke about adjectives and adverbs, and then I gave them a writing assignment. Each student took a rose petal, sniffed the rose petal, and then wrote about it using adjectives and adverbs. (Yes, we huffed rose petals today.) Then students traded papers and circled and/or underlined the adjectives and adverbs used in the writing. It's a way to build vocabulary and review grammar.
For conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections, we reviewed the definitions and then I put up a photograph from last September (the one above). Students wrote about the photograph keeping the conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections in mind. Oh, yes, and I played School House rock for kicks. Most students seemed to enjoy it.
A lot is going on this week. The poetry book and performance is happening on Thursday night.
I'm happy the editing part is completed. The drawings are finished. I look forward to the event when everything is arranged and the event is launched without a hitch.

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