Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hoof Day Wednesday

Did you know...that 40% of people have second toes longer than their big toes? I learned that from a local friendly podiatrist, who barely peeked at my stubs since I kept pulling them away. A college friend used to tease me about my sensitive knees and toes...

"Head, shoulders, knees-and-toes, knees- and-toes!"

I am part of the 40%, which is why my shoes rub against my piggy toes and I have to wear goth toenail polish (and bandages on my toes when I walk) to protect and disguise the lovely rainbow colors the second toenails turn. At least they match in their grotesqueness. And having the (purposely) black toenail polish provides a sense of sophisticate-meets-bada**. Or I'm just doing a comb-over in the form of polish! :D


The weather is cloudy and rainy, so it is perfect for hoof management. Two of my friends asked me to go for a pedi today. So we met at J's house at noon and we drove to the mall to buy the proverbial clue (old joke from yesteryear but I still like it :)) and eat lunch and have painted paws and hooves. Since there were three of us, it would have been a bit crowded in my salon (I'm not cheating on you , Salon Rouge!) Since I only allow a few select people to handle my sensitive toes, I opted for the mani. I find out a lot when I can't write with my paws being worked on. My manicurist is a pre-med student from out-of-state. I told her some of the places (beaches) to visit while staying here in the summer. She only cut me once (yes, my cuticles are bad. I garden and occasionally forget to wear gloves.) If they were my hooves, the whole mall would have heard me. I still would have been hanging from the chandelier.

I just looked down now and realized that my nail polish- a lovely shade of pink with a darling name I can't remember and the salon was out of so I could not purchase-matches the color of my cell phone. (Laughs)

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