Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How Not to Act Old

According to Pamela Redmond Satran's book entitled How Not to Act Old, in some ways I am young. In other ways, I am almost considered a 38-year-old fossil. For example, my married name is technically hyphenated. I read print books. I still send greeting cards (sigh). I love making cards and sending them out. I usually wear black at weddings. That's primarily all I own, although I am trying out new colors. Here's another one: Don't Go Hatin' on Christmas. Come on! I have good reason to get my Scrooge on these days. Someday the hellidays will ascend into holidays again. I'm having a helliday reprieve, if you will. I say awesome a lot. I'm channeling my inner surfer. I also say dude. So what? And my favorite: Don't Fear the Thong. I don't fear the thong. I write poems about the thong. (*Laughs*) The author includes twelve websites in her book (Satran). How many do you recognize? I know I am going to check them out: I have to add in a 13th website: Special thanks to my friend T., who blogged about this book awhile ago and inspired me to check it out!

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