Saturday, June 05, 2010

Music, My Fair Lazy, and Avatar Evening

We had a music rehearsal this a.m. and took the latter part of rehearsal to a piano repair store. It was neat to see all the pianos, expecially the ones that are wood and is decorated with ornate features. It was good to rehearse some of the jazz tunes. Afterwards, I ran errands and took a long siesta. I finished Jen Lancaster's My Fair Lazy. I totally can relate to her. She is going through a Jenassaince and is working on becoming more sophisticated and arty. (I don't think I'm the sophisticated type: I'm too much of a clown. I do have the arty aspect down pat, though.) She also talks about fitting in and keeping it real, despite the fact that she is now a NY Times Best-Selling Author. Her blog is entitled http:// I recommend visiting her blog. We also viewed Avatar tonight. (I know, we're behind on our movie-watching.) It blew us away. We enjoyed the special effects. We viewed it in 2-D, I can't imagine how it will look in 3-D.

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