Friday, June 25, 2010

Purest Green Sings Songs About Whiskey in the Library, Or I Got My Diva Geek On Tonight

"For lack of a better sentence from an Adjunct Instuctor in English, I got my diva geek on tonight. " -LCS 2010. Yeah, that's my thesis statement for this blog post. It's part of the title of this blog posting, too. I hereby award myself an A on the diva geek assessment scale. That reminds me, I need to create a diva geek assessment scale. Now that's scraping the diva barrel of geek. Wait, that's a diva whiskey barrel of geek. Some of the songs avec M.'s amusing/hilarious commentary during our show at the Cassopolis District Library located in southern Michigan revolved around alchohol, particularly whiskey. It's naughty enough rocking out behind a drumset with a band in a (GASP!) library. It's scandalous to be performing songs about alcohol in a library! Whiskey. The hard stuff that Irish songs are made of. We had a good show. Great venue. The library staff took the proverbial cake on hospitality. There were refreshments (no whiskey, but understandable. It's taxpayer's money). They opened the library after hours for this performance. My bandmates, talented and hilarious, sang and performed songs about whiskey among other spirits. We enjoyed playing and hope to visit again. I find it difficult to curb my inner diva geek and straighten the books on the shelves before the show. And I may sport my Book Diva t-shirt again. I wore it tonight for all diva geeks of the universe!

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