Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The. Shortest. Set. Ever.

I took a break from grading final projects tonight and took Steve with me to Between the Buns in Osecola. We were scheduled to play five songs for their Open Mic night. We were in a covered yet open space outside the bar/restaurant and performed two songs. One of the staffers interrupted us during our their third song and informed us that we were under a tornado warning. Sirens blared in the distance. We abruptly left the stage and wandered inside the restaurant. Steve found the server and paid the bill. I promptly ordered a glass of merlot. One of our bandmates joined us and we all had a great conversation while we waited for storms to pass. Eventually, the tornado warnings passed and we headed for home. We enjoyed an interesting night-- it makes for a stormy blog post (couldn't resist).


Dave said...

Sorry you weren't able to jam. Hopefully you can get a few more songs in next week!!

Between the Buns

Lori said...

Thanks, Dave! Loved the hospitality.The staff was great! Hope we can play again soon in better weather. It made for an interesting post, and someone suggested, a song! :)

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