Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Surprises

Carolgarden, 27 LCS/2009
Today is a respite from worry over Latte. She seems to be holding up well. She is eating, drinking and resting on the wicker sofa on the front porch with her sisters. All I can see from this view are Moshi's white belly, two back paws, and a gray tail. She, along with her sisters, are passed out on the porch from their recent Fancy Feast fiesta. Life is good for a kitty chez Sigety, even a sick one.
Today I ventured out and bought a sofa. Steve and I discussed what we wanted, so I visited River Park Furniture. We purchased our current sofa there almost ten(!) years ago. After utilizing several sales and discounts, we managed to snag a good deal on this one. Anyone interested in purchasing a gently used sectional (beige) with a pull-out bed?
Also, we received nice mail: cards and letters. No junk mail! No bills! Yay! And then I joined a friend for a champagne lunch at her house. She created a fabulous crab salad with cucumbers and bread. Mmm mmm mmm. Loved it. Her garden inspires me to venture outside and play in mine.

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