Friday, July 16, 2010

KVC Experiences

Java (on ledge), Jack, and Latte
First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my posts. Also, thank you for your cards, emails, FB and web posts. Steve and I received a beautiful sympathy card signed from the staff at the Kryder Veterinary Clinic today. I also wanted to share with you about how wonderful the staff is at Kryder's Veterinary Clinic. They are the best in customer service with the patients and the humans. When Jack died, we took him to KVC to determine his cause of death (heart failure) and to the Cremation services there. Dr. Harr loved Jack (and he loved her) and she was so gentle and loving. They let us go out the back door and billed us so we didn't have to cry in front of the whole office.
When Latte passed over, as I mentioned before, there was a blanket draped over the metal examining table. Dr. Tracy (couldn't remember the last name) and the veterinary technicians were wonderful. They gave us a lot of time with Latte and let us have privacy saying goodbye to her. She draped Latte gingerly in the blanket. Not only did they soothe the patient, they comforted us as well.

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