Lake Michigan, July 2010 LCS
Time escapes me. I feel fortunate to have so many wonderful proverbial irons in the fire, but it's exhausting. This is one of the times where I wish I could be in several places doing several things at once. But alas, we live in a linear world, so I can only accomplish a finite number of tasks at a time. It's frustrating at times because I want to accomplish so much more and not let anyone down.
Since I posted last, I turned 39. For my birthday, Steve offered to buy domain names for a new website. It will be good to have one main website to contain all of my adventures. :) Steve and I celebrated our 13-year wedding anniversary. We caught a few sunsets and I had a beach day with a friend. I am finishing my second Composition I class at Brown Mackie College and will be teaching Composition II on Monday. I need to sign up for class myself and confer with my advisor on my direction in graduate school. Tonight I will be strolling around the boulevard and serenading the neighborhood. It's been too long.


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