Sculpture of a Beholder. Indianapolis, IN. SJS & LCS c2010. Someone brought it to my attention that it is 8.9.10 today. Interesting. I'm out here on the porch with Miss Javacat snoozing in the chair. Thank goodness she feels better. Enclosed please find a couple of photographs of me with a sculpture at Gen Con. I listened to directions (not) and touched the sculpture. There should be rope around it if people aren't permitted to touch. Jeez. Before I start writing for classes (I have two this semester!), I will leave you with a quote by Mike Stackpoole, prolific science fiction writer: "If you finish a novel, you are a novelist. If you finish, you are a chapterist. You don't get far being a chapterist." Well said, Mike Stackpoole. I finished a poetry book with Jake. Next step, the novel! Even if it's the roughest draft ever. I will finish a novel in 2010.


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