Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Here is a photograph of Miss Java taken in July 2010. She is a strong cat. She is resilient, weighing just over 11 pounds. Java has kidney disease and arthritis. Java outlived her brother, Jack. (He died in 2008). She outlived her younger sister Latte, who just died in July. She now tolerates (barely) two new sister kittens. Moshi just turned a year old; Sakura is barely 4 months old. Today Java growls at both of them. At 11+ years old, it's her birthright. She's also growling at Steve and me. After what she's been through today, she's an equal opportunity growler and I can't say I blame her. Java tells us ALL the way to the vet and ALL the way home in cat speak (growling, meowing and yowling) how much she does not appreciate having her temperature taken in her backside, how much she hates getting shots, and how much she truly hates having blood drawn out of her neck. Unfortunately, we had no choice. I managed to move the couch, pick her up from under the couch, and place her in the carrier. I was proud that a) I accomplished this alone and b) I was not injured in the process. So Steve comes home from work and we take her in, half-expecting to put her down. Despite Java's symptoms of lack of appetite,listnessness, nausea, and vomiting, she is faring well. The staff at KVC gave her fluids for dehydration, nausea, and anti-inflammatory. We'll keep our paws crossed and hope for the best.

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