Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Meet Sakura Hemingway Sigety. We call her Sake (pronounced sa-kee). Her name is Japanese meaning 'cherry blossom'. She is four pounds and barely four months old. Steve and I adopted her on Sunday afternoon. Her foster family from Michigan took excellent care of her and christened her Sakura. We decided to keep her name. We learned that like most stray kittens and cats, she experienced a rough start. Apparently she was found in a ditch in Grand Rapids, Michigan, covered in gasoline. (*sigh*) Fortunately, she was rescued and is now home where she will be pampered and loved. Sakura is unique because she is a Hemingway cat. (A friend referred to her as a mitten kitten.) She has six toes on both of her front paws and five toes each on her back paws. We will have to get her partially declawed so her inner nails won't stab her in the pads of her feet. Sakura is enjoying her new digs. She is still a little wary of the front porch, as she does not like to be outdoors at all. Sake has had enough of the outdoors. As a survivor, Sakura never has to worry again about fending for herself. Welcome home, Sake! :)

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Marci said...

Oh, welcome to the best best kitty home there is, baby girl!!!!! What a precious story.. My little Priscilla is a bottle-fed, abandoned by mama kitty at her age of 3 days old... and is the only one of her littler to be a sweet, loving little cuddler. I think it is because Camilla (my older girl) socialized her to lest to me! I am so happy Sakura found you!

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