Saturday, August 14, 2010


If you are a Go-Go's fan and/or a Belinda Carlisle fan, you will enjoy her autobiography entitled Lips Unsealed. Although her book is marketed as a memoir, I believe it to be more autobiographical. In an autobiography, the author discusses one's entire life from birth to the present. In a memoir, the author focuses on an aspect or a snapshot. Belinda focuses on three main points of her life: her musical influences and coming-of-age as a Go-Go, her alcohol and drug addictions that haunted her for most of her life, and her family.
Overall, it's an interesting read. Belinda's courage to share her demons and her story with millions of readers is admirable. I recommend this book; it's not just fluff and photographs that some celebrity autobiographies/memoirs are made of. In this read, she's got the beat. (Couldn't resist. ) :)

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