Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Driving the Storm

Okay. I give up on the one-word titles. It is a cool concept, but too restrictive for me. So for the first days of fall, I am changing it up. Enough said. I still may submit the one-word title once in while, but for now, I am giving myself permission to include more words. And as I am typing this, I am realizing how ridiculous this sounds. Whatever! :) Can you say retentive?! (*laughs*) I peer outside. The kitties are catching up on midmorning naps after early morning Beast Feast and kitty rompus... PSSSSSSHHHHHHHH! Just tipped a bottle of diet coke on its side. The cap is screwed on loosely so diet coke sprays everywhere. (*insert choice words here*) What a dramatic explosion! Running to the kitchen and fetching the closest yellow towel on the countertop. Laptop is safe. Library books are safe. Textbooks are safe. No felines were in the path of the eruption. Whew. Back to our weekly scheduled program--blog, that is. Last night. What a crazy, stormy night, don't you think? It resembled a storm one would describe in a suspense novel. I do not mind storms from the safety of my couch. I have learned to appreciate storms for the beauty and drama. However, I detest storms when I am out with Greenie (the Honda Civic) or away from the comforts of home. I have this instinct to be home. The flashes of lightning and the sounds of thunder rattle me. The light flashes and the sounds of thunder are heightened tenfold for me. I'm squirming in the car like a jumping bean when lightning flashes and trying to shield my ears when thunder booms. Fortunately, Steve met me in the parking lot so I did not have to drive the storm alone. I just discovered this phrase. Driving the storm. This is because I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Surprise! There's actually a term for it. It explains a lot. I'm reading up on highly sensitive souls like myself. It's physiological. It's not a deficiency. It's just the way that HSPs are wired. That is why crowds overwhelm me. That is why I am more irritated when kids scream in the restaurants. That is why I require more sleep. It is another discovery. Thank you L, for bringing this up on Facebook. Thanks to you, I researched, read, and found some great information and self-discovery. I am now going to sign off, grade, and write for a bit. And notice the title of this blog contains three words. I am such a rebel. :)

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