Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Treasured Wedding Reception

Gamer Wedding Cake. Courtesy of one of the wedding guests at this event!
It is 8:50 a.m. Although spent, I woke up early. What a fun wedding reception last night. It started at 9:15 a.m. when I had hairapy--an updo-- at Salon Rouge. (As you know, it is one of my favorite places.) After hairapy, I drove back home, applied makeup, and headed for G & J's place. My sweet Steve drove me there so I did not have to worry about Greenie the Honda Civic for the event.
So we all dressed and headed for the park. G looked gorgeous in her dress and J looked awesome in his suit. The bridesmaids, thanks to A, looked beautiful in curled updos. Beutter Park was lovely. The sky, overcast and interesting, provided the appropriate lighting for the photographs. We explored various spots in the park, including the bridge, near the river, and near the fall foliage. The photographer, playful and spirited, worked well with the wedding party.
After photographs in the park, we headed back to G & J's and relaxed until it was time to visit to the reception hall. We watched part of "The Princess Bride" and I met and petted the family pup whose name I cannot recall at this moment! She is a beagle with silky ears, a ton of spots (adorable) and so sweet.
We headed over to the reception hall. The hall, located in the woods near an orthodox church in South Bend, impressed me. The decorations impressed me even more. To the right, white name cards on white cloth circled a centerpiece containing colored glass vases. A candle flickered in the center. G,J, and V adorned each table with dice, gaming paper, ornate paper treasure holders for pencils, and beautiful wooden boxes filled with gold chocolate coins. Additionally, each table had a name of a monster rather than numbers. A drawing of the monster was placed on each table.
What topped off the gaming theme (literally, I suppose), was the gaming cake and dice. The photograph in this blog post was the cake courtesy of Macri's. Painted plastic figures donated by The Griffin topped the cake. And the cake tasted delicious-- I sampled the white cake with strawberry flavor.
The food was delicious. Allie's catered the event. Polish food and an open bar makes for happy guests. The caterers treated the wedding party like royalty and the guests with style.
The toasting after the meal went well. I was glad I prepared my toast. After Dr. V's toast, I unrolled the paper like a scroll and delivered my toast. It is the second time I delivered a toast after a very smart person. So I opted for the humorous approach. And gratefully, it worked.
The rest of the evening was a happy whirl of chatting, dancing, and fun. So good to see extended family (friends) and to meet new people. And I spent time with my wonderful Steve. This event will hold a special place in my memory. :)

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That's just awesome! Very cool wedding ideas for that truly personal touch.

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