Halloween, Spiced Wine, and Fetch

I am ready to turn in for the night. Steve and I showered the adorable trick-or-treaters with candy. We particularly appreciated the plainclothes teenager carrying a sign that said "nudist on strike." His ingenuity was enough for us to give him candy. We didn't want him to go back to work. ;) Steve finished with the Halloween treating while I slogged through more work stuff. Our sweet snow angels surprised us with awesome bottle art and a bottle of spiced wine. It's really tasty. Even Steve likes it (and he's more of an international beer consumer.) I learned a lesson from my mitten kitten tonight. No matter what may be stressful, there's nothing that can't be fixed or a mood that can't be heightened by a good round of fetch. Sakura the mitten kitten loves to play fetch with the white or green felt balls. It's totally adorable and heartening.


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