Sunday, October 10, 2010

LaSalle Branch Fun Fair

J. asked if I could volunteer at the LaSalle Branch to help out at the Fun Fair. I said sure, asked Steve if he wanted to join me, and then we both spent a couple of hours helping out. Beautiful weather, thank goodness! I enjoyed seeing people again! I fostered my inner child and helped kids decorate bags, collect candy, and plastic fangs (I donned a pair), and painted pumpkins. Every year I used to hire a face painter for these events. This year, I opted for a decorative bat with yellow eyes. I spent the day with a painting of a bat on my cheek. After it was over for the kiddies, a few of us kids at heart (that's code for the 35+ crowd) jumped into the bounce machine (a bouncy contraption where kids can jump around) and played. According to the statistics, over 450 children and their caregivers attended this event. It was nice to give back, even for a couple of hours.

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