Open Book Weekend: Friday

I am still smiling from the wonderful weekend I spent with the St. Joseph County Public Library patrons, staff, and volunteers. They had the annual Open Book Festival. For many years I served on this committee. This year, I experienced the event from the other side as a presenter and volunteer. On Friday morning, D. asked me to join him to appear on Fox 28 News to promote the event. I remember appearing on the news many years ago to promote puppet shows. The local news stations and the South Bend Tribune always support the library. So, Steve and I rode with D. to the station and promoted the event. Friday night, I visited The South Bend Chocolate Cafe and staff from the library decorated a haunted room and read ghost stories. It was so much fun to see staff again, meet new volunteers, and have a "howling"good time (couldn't resist.) I left the haunted room to attend one-year anniversary of ArtPost with streams of fake cobwebs adorning my hair.


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