Sunday, October 03, 2010

Open Book Weekend: Saturday

Diet coke for caffeine, check. Drums, check. Puppets, check. Script, check. Last glance in the mirror to check makeup and wild art hair. Check. Steve and I were on our way to Open Book. Steve volunteered this year, as he does every year, to dress up as a costume character and brave the swarms of kids that approach him. This year, Steve dressed up as Peter Rabbit. And yes, I had a good time teasing him while he was in costume. This was my first year as a performer. I presented a participation-percussion-poetry-play entitled "Drumstory". I brought my drum,my heart, and my words. I think it went well. I am hoping to present more in the future. The coolest part of the event was when Jim Gill presented his Soup Opera. It was also his birthday. Instead of me bringing a present for him, Jim gave one to me: an autographed book. His performance brought me a lot of fond memories as a children's librarian.

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