Sunday, October 17, 2010

Suzanne's Autumn Night: A Poem

Suzanne's Autumn Night (for S.M. & M.U.) Saturday's mild afternoon yawns, stretching into cool evening sighs like a cherished house cat waking from a dream, crisp autumn dusk awakens abruptly, rubbing October's fiery chameleon eyes. The covert transition of evening, compared to the absence of light, caused many to look up, to take notice, of celestial beauty surrounding Suzanne's autumn night. The night moonscape shines through spaces in cool trees, through bangs and branches leaves like tresses of half-naked trees, like autumn hairs falling free Night sky lighting mirrors sky night lighting night lights sky soiree held with its own celestial version of flickering candles and twinkle night lights. lights night night lights twinkle lights lights night Family and extended family bathe in the warmth of festivities, circles new and rekindled friendships circles around cozy fire spaces circles around light circles light circles circles bathe in autumn moonlight moon circles Night progresses rapidly into hours Bathing in the autumn moonlight, until our memory whispers here, "Wasn't it just beautiful- Suzanne's autumn night. " -2010

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