Sunday, November 07, 2010

Conference and Painting

I attended a teaching conference on Friday in Indianapolis. The conference, entitled the Indiana Association of Career Schools, provided a lot of great information about giving the best education to students, marketing your college, and about teaching to students with different learning styles. I learned a lot and hope to incorporate some of the information learned to teach better.
Steve and I also attended a friend's housewarming party, shopped for paint, and visited Barnes and Noble to benefit the St. Joesph County Public Library. It was great seeing friends there. Today Steve and I (with the help of our friend G. and under the supervison of the Lady Cats) moved furniture and painted. I then participated in a conference call with Lia Sophia. After the call, I finished up a couple of items and then Steve and I watched Dr. Who. It was an overall busy and productive weekend. :)

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