Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I am Java, Hear Me Roar

I woke up this morning to a caterwaul. I thought that perhaps Sakura attempted to torment Java again. I stumble to the end of the hallway and glance down the stairs. Java peered outside the window with a fluffy tail. Moshi and Sakura appeared startled as well. I took the thirteen steps down to the first floor and glanced outside. Java must have scared the intruder-most likely a neighborhood cat-away.
Java impressed and surprised me this morning. At age twelve, she hobbles and struggles with arthritis and kidney disease, yet she musters the strength to carry on in her own feline way. She usually keeps to herself, napping quietly in comfortable quarters away from the youngsters, or observing from a distance.
I glance at Java and she is lying on her side in the doorway. My catnip kitten- or rather my caterwauling kitten- snoozing in the sunlight.

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